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  • Watch for - dedicated to the NEXT total solar eclipse in North America! Coming SOON!

    Let's find out just how experienced our panelists are, when it comes to seeing total eclipses!
    And remember, these counts are as of 2014 - many of these experts have added one or two to the totals that they're telling you about!

  • Fred Espenak

    Oh, I think I've been to 25 now, and I think I've seen about 20.

  • That makes you a veteran for sure! Thanks, Fred!

  • Glenn Schneider

    Well, I've been in the path of 31 total eclipses [ed: it is 33 as of 2017]; I've been clouded out three and a half times. So, seeing is not quite the same thing! I've been enveloped by the Moon's shadow 31 times, but I've actually seen totality three times less than that. I count the half that I saw, which was a partial cloud-out in China in 2009.

  • And by the time our audience reads this, you've made it to 33 - simply incredible! Thanks, Glenn!

  • Jay Anderson

    Ah, well, annulars and totals are… I think they're close to 27, I don't know. Within, say, plus or minus one or two.

  • Jay Anderson

    Ah, totals, um… I'm not sure of the exact number, I think it's 16 or 17.

  • I wish I'd seen so many, I could lose count!

  • Ralph Chou

    At this point, I've now notched 22 solar eclipses - and of those, 17 were total and 3 were annulars.

  • Very respectable, indeed!

  • Joel Moskowitz

    Uh, let's see - 16?

  • Wow! More than me, and we started with the same one!

  • Xavier Jubier

    Number I have seen - good question. I don't even know, let's say more than 10?

  • Xavier Jubier

    15 totals, 8 annulars.

  • At least that many, I think! Thanks, Xavier!

  • Jim Rosenstock

    I've seen about 10 of these things, you know - so I'm obsessed.

  • You and me both!

  • Kelly Beatty

    Seen 7. Been clouded out on three. I guess technically, I experienced an eclipse - I just didn't see it.

  • That has happened to the best of us!

  • Michael Bakich

    I have been to 13 total solar eclipses, and I've seen 12 of them.

  • Another veteran, for sure!

  • Michael Zeiler

    I've seen six totals and three annulars.

  • Nice!

  • Jay Pasachoff

    By now, I have seen 59 eclipses, of which 31 were total [ed: it is 33 as of 2017]. And I've started going to all the eclipses - total, annular and partial.

  • Simply astounding!

  • Terry Cuttle

    Uh - 13!

  • Short and sweet - and an amazing tally, given that you have had to travel long distances for all but three of them!

  • Dr. Miloslav Druckmüller

    I have exactly seen five eclipses, and twice I was unsuccessful.

  • Mark Margolis

    Like, 6 totals - and then 2 or 3 annulars, a bunch of partials...

  • Well, now we know how experienced our panel is!
    Let's move on now, to what got these individuals started on a lifetime of eclipse-chasing! Let's hear about their very first total eclipse experience!

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