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Jay Anderson

University of Manitoba; Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

Specialty: Weather

Jay provides the world's best weather forecasts for eclipse chasers! Climatological data, historical charts, short- and long-term forecasts - Jay provides it all! For decades, serious eclipse chasers have used Jay's predictions (as he worked with Fred Espenak to produce the NASA Eclipse Bulletins) to plan and finalize their eclipse viewing locations. Jay is truly the "go-to" guy for all things related to eclipse weather!

Michael Bakich

Astronomy Magazine

Specialty: Astronomical Journalist

Senior editor for one of the world's leading magazines dedicated to Astronomy, Michael serves as eclipse expert for many of the magazine's public outreach programs. He is the senior photography editor for Astronomy Magazine, and is currently hard at work serving as the lead technical advisor in planning for the huge 2017 eclipse event planned for St. Joseph MO.

J. Kelly Beatty

Sky & Telescope Magazine

Specialty: Astronomical Journalist

Senior editor for another of the world's leading magazines dedicated to Astronomy, Kelly is an experienced astronomer and eclipse chaser, and serves as eclipse expert for many of Sky&Telescope's eclipse tours! His delightful insights into eclipse chasing are NOT to be missed!

Dr. Ralph Chou

University of Waterloo

Specialty: Professor Emeritus of Optometry

Nothing in the realm of eclipse information can be more important than promoting eye safety, and Dr. Chou's work has been instrumental for years, in providing information to the public for SAFE eclipse viewing.
Most recently, he was the author of the worldwide ISO standard that was adopted (and which replaced all the previous standards which had existed at the national or continental level) in June of 2016. This standard exists solely to govern the technical characteristics of the filter material which is designed to enable safe, direct solar viewing - and thus, is of great importance to all who would safely view the partial phases of a solar eclipse. And Dr. Chou's research underlies all of it.
This means you can be CERTAIN that the eclipse glasses you buy, which contain the filter material which conforms to this standard, will protect your eyes when used properly.

Terry Cuttle

Astronomical Association of Queensland (Australia)

Specialty: Eclipse preparations and public outreach

Terry serves as the Technical Secretary of the Association, and he was instrumental in developing and distributing the FANTASTIC outreach materials that made TSE2012 in Australia such a great success!

Prof. Miloslav Druckmüller

University of Brno (Czech Republic)

Specialty: Eclipse Photography

Miloš is the world's leading eclipse photographer, bar none! His work is intended to support scientific research (especially that of Dr. Shadia Habbal!), but in doing so it comes about as close as is possible to capturing what totality actually looks like!
For his day job, Dr. Druckmüller is a distinguished professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Brno.

Fred Espenak


Specialty: "Mr. Eclipse"

Just exactly how does one earn the moniker of "Mr. Eclipse"?! Well, there is only one person who has - and that is Fred Espenak! For years, Fred provided THE single most useful guide for eclipse chasers worldwide - the NASA Eclipse Bulletins.
These detailed and well-organized guides were the only source of (pre-internet!) information that one needed, in order to make eclipse plans years in advance - and literally everyone used them!
Working closely with Jay Anderson, Mr. Espenak provided the information that today's veteran eclipse chasers grew up with, and his contributions to the eclipse community are literally second to none. For his day job, Fred was an astrophysicist at the Goddard Space Flight Center, and he has had an asteroid (#14120) named in his honor.
Today, he is a prolific author, and has many wonderful eclipse-related materials available for purchase (you'll find links to many of his eclipse books on
And finally, Fred's own photographs were featured on the official USPS stamp commemorating the 2017 total eclipse! (No small accomplishment, that!)

Dr. Shadia Habbal

University of Hawaiʻi

Specialty: Solar Physicist

Dr. Habbal's work is truly ground-breaking, as she uses the great photographic efforts provided by Miloslav Druckmüller to study some of the most complicated astrophysical questions regarding the makeup of the Sun's corona.
Shadia has also been heavily involved in steering and coordinating the eclipse outreach that is being organized and promoted by the AAS and NASA. Her efforts are instrumental in furthering both the detailed science, and the excitement that belongs to the public, for the 2017 eclipse and beyond!

Xavier Jubier

Eclipse-City; IAU Working Group on Solar Eclipses

Specialty: Eclipse Calculations

Xavier is without question one of the world's leading computational experts for eclipse circumstances. His encyclopedic pages of statistics, interactive Google eclipse maps, online calculators, and the Solar Eclipse Maestro product which is his brainchild, are all part of EVERY eclipse chaser's arsenal when it comes to planning for any and all eclipse viewing activities.
Xavier has singlehandedly brought eclipse calculations squarely into the 21st century, by incorporating detailed terrain data and lunar limb profile considerations into the classical set of calculations which have been performed for almost 200 years. His work is NOT to be overlooked, if you are planning any sort of eclipse viewing activity!

Mark Margolis

Rainbow Symphony

Specialty: Eclipse Glasses

Mark's company is one of only three worldwide whose eclipse glasses products conform to the rigorous ISO standard (written by Dr. Chou!). Rainbow Symphony has produced hundreds of millions of eclipse glasses over the past few decades, and their glasses are the only ones that trusts to provide to the public!

Dr. Joel Moskowitz


Specialty: Veteran Eclipse Amateur

Joel was bitten by the total eclipse bug years ago, and immediately vowed to see every one thereafter for the rest of his life. (We're sure many of you will feel the same way on Aug 22 2017!) Combining a passion for eclipse chasing with a wonderful ability to describe the combination of intellectual and emotional stimuli that the eclipse experience provides - well, we had to talk to Joel to be able to bring to you all of his great insights - and to share his special eclipse-chasing secret with you!

Dr. Jay Pasachoff

Williams College (Boston)

Specialty: Astrophysicist, Author

Dr. Pasachoff is a true leader in the eclipse community. Notwithstanding his (non-eclipse-related) astronomical publications, his eclipse résumé alone includes having traveled to see EVERY solar eclipse (partial/total/annular) that has occurred in his adult life.
He shares the title of "most total eclipses observed" with Dr. Glenn Schneider - and with 2017's event will have observed 34 total eclipses!
Additionally, he and his wife BOTH have asteroids named after them.
Dr. Pasachoff is also the author of the illustrious Peterson Field Guide to the Stars and Planets - every amateur astronomer's first book on astronomy!

Jim Rosenstock

Eclipse Chaser!

Specialty: Veteran Eclipse Amateur

Jim is someone we needed to include, if only for his great eclipse quote that deserves being repeated... repeatedly! As a retired Park Ranger for the U.S. National Park Service, Jim is at home with nature - and is well-qualified to describe the natural beauty that is totality! A veteran of many total eclipses, and a great guy to boot, Jim's insight into totality is truly inspiring. The word "amateur" means, after all, "one who loves..." - and that certainly describes Mr. Rosenstock to a tee!

Dr. Glenn Schneider

University of Arizona

Specialty: Astronomer

Dr. Schneider is an Astronomer with the University's Steward Observatory, and is involved with the search for planets orbiting other stars. For this effort, he uses data gathered from instruments such as the NICMOS on board the Hubble Space Telescope.
On eclipse day 2017, Glenn will be experiencing34 total solar eclipses - maintaining his long-standing tie with Jay Pasachoff for the most by anyone in history!
Glenn is the inventor of UMBRAPHILE, one of the first fully computer-automated platforms to enable photographing all the features of totality. And speaking of automation, he is also the world's leading expert on calculating the optimal flight paths of aircraft intent on intercepting the umbra far above any clouds! Dr. Schneider's eclipse résumé places him squarely at the top of the eclipse world - literally!

Michael Zeiler

Specialty: Eclipse Maps

Michael is the webmaster for one of the world's leading sites providing information to the public for the 2017 total solar eclipse. He is a master cartographer, and has brought his skills to bear to produce the world's most beautiful and informative eclipse maps in existence.
Michael combines all the experience of his day job as a GIS-expert mapmaker and author, with his passion of eclipse chasing, to produce maps that are not only the most useful in the world - but which are also true works of eclipse art. Veteran eclipse chasers worldwide use Michael's maps almost exclusively, and we recommend that you do, as well!
Michael also boasts a personal collection of historic eclipse maps which would be the envy of any museum in the world.
Please visit the online archive that he offers freely to the public, and enjoy the value that the fruits of Michael's lifetime of eclipse-map chasing, collecting, and creating have brought to the eclipse community!

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