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The United States saw a Total Solar Eclipse!
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"...And we'll see YOU... in the shadow!!"

Did you order glasses from us? Are you worried about the big recall?
How do you know the glasses you got from us were safe to use? is on the American Astronomical Society's approved vendor list for eclipse glasses!

Also, please read the blog post we wrote about the safety of glasses ordered from!

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  • Watch for - dedicated to the NEXT total solar eclipse in North America! Coming SOON!


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The public is clamoring to get into the path of totality for this eclipse! If you are in or near that path, you are in a great position to be able to host these eclipse chasers! Many spots sold out years in advance! And as eclipse day approaches, spots will become more and more difficult to find. The laws of supply and demand dictate that communities and business situated in prime territory will be able to benefit financially, while offering a service that is in great demand.

We are offering you the opportunity to publicize your accommodations, products and services on – one of the premier sites for eclipse-related traffic! (You found it, didn’t you?!) And you are just a few clicks away from being able to get in on the action! We will ask you for some detailed information. We will ask you to agree to the contract. You will then create your ad (within the bounds of the template we have in place - you can include pictures and all the info you want to provide), make your payment, and once approved, your page will go live!

What will you get?

Your page will be live from the time you sign up until eclipse day (unless you ask us to take it down before then). Your ad will be static – no changes except to let us know that you’ve sold out! (And that’s a very good possibility!)

We can’t provide analytics, click-through metrics, or anything fancy like that. This is a simple marketplace where you post your campsites, hotel rooms, houses for rent, tour spots, products… and people looking for a place to stay, or a product to buy, will find them and contact you.

How much does it cost?

We’re keeping it very simple: One flat rate of $250 for each ad you create. So if you sign up early, you’ll get a lot of exposure for not a lot of money. If you sign up later, you’ll have the benefit of tons of traffic when it matters most. So let's get started!!

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