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A Total Solar Eclipse is Coming to the United States!

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We are out of the office watching the eclipse! No emails will be able to be answered until we return on August 22 wishes everyone CLEAR SKIES on Monday!

If you don't have SAFE eclipse glasses, your students don't have to miss out!
You can still view the partial phases using Pinhole Projection!

Check out the safe viewing techniques from the American Astronomical Society!

And also see our viewing instructions!

Did you order from us? Are you worried about the big recall?
How do you know the glasses you got from us are safe to use? is on the American Astronomical Society's approved vendor list for eclipse glasses!

Also, please read the blog post we wrote about the safety of glasses ordered from!


Latest News

Eclipse Communities in North Carolina!

The centerline covers a distance of 43.6 miles in North Carolina, and...

You MUST be in the path shown below in order to see totality!

Here are links to pages for all the communities we could find in North Carolina that are in the eclipse path!
(We are posting information for each city's page as we receive it; your patience is appreciated!!)

If you are an official of one of the communities listed below, please visit your page and follow the links to contact us!
We'd love to host YOUR information!

Visit community pages for other states
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