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Recent News about the 2017 Total Eclipse!

Heartland cities begin planning for 2017 total solar eclipse - 24 August, 2016

It's may still be a year away, but some cities in the Heartland aren't wasting any time getting ready for the total solar eclipse making its appearance in August .

Total solar eclipse coming in 2017 - 24 August, 2016

On August 21, 2017 the United States will experience a solar eclipse. This eclipse will be the first one visible from the continental United States since the 20th century, .

North America Will See 1st Total Solar Eclipse in Decades in 2017 - 25 August, 2016

North America will see its first total eclipse since 1979 in a year, and some people are planning ahead by booking hotel rooms. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon .

Great American Total Solar Eclipse 2017: When and Where to See It? - 22 August, 2016

The Great American Total Solar Eclipse is one day that's to be missed by eclipse enthusiasts. Scheduled on August 21, 2017, here's everything there is to know about .

7 things you need to know about Oregon's 2017 solar eclipse - 21 August, 2016

We're exactly one year away from the total solar eclipse that will be visible across Oregon, and while that might seem far off, you'd do well to start .

How to See the Upcoming 'Great American Eclipse' - 22 August, 2016

A year from now, day will turn into night across the United States. On August 21, 2017, for the first time since 1979, the shadow of a .

One Year From Now, America Will See Its First Total Solar Eclipse Since 1979 - 19 August, 2016

It's already being called the Great American Eclipse, and it's coming on August 21, 2017. For the first time in 38 years, the shadow of a total .

Map of Total Solar Eclipse Path in 2017 August - 21 August, 2016

Would you like to see a total eclipse of the Sun? If so, do any friends or relatives live near the path of next summer's eclipse? If yes again, .

The Total Solar Eclipse: 1 Year and Counting. - 19 August, 2016

On August 21st, 2017 a Total Solar Eclipse will pass over a large portion of the United States with Carbondale experiencing almost three minutes of totality. As the .

2017’s Total Solar Eclipse: One Year to Go! - 19 August, 2016

It's probably no surprise to you that we at Sky & Telescope are paying a lot of attention to the total solar eclipse that will race across the United States .

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