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Recent News about the 2017 Total Eclipse!

Megamovie project to crowdsource images of August solar eclipse - 21 February, 2017

with only six months to go before one of the most anticipated solar eclipses in a lifetime, the University of California, Berkeley, and Google are looking for .

The countdown is on: Six months until a total solar eclipse - 21 February, 2017

On Aug. 21, 2017 — six months from Tuesday — the moon will slip between the sun and Earth, casting a shadow that will create the first full .

T-minus-6 months: Ten ways to get fired up for an all-American eclipse - 21 February, 2017

Six months from today, millions of Americans will watch the sun darken during a rare coast-to-coast eclipse – and it’s not too early to get into the spirit of .

Solar eclipse 2017: February's rare astronomical event will take place next week - 21 February, 2017

The eclipse will take place on Monday, February 26, and will leave a halo of light surrounding the sun as normal sunlight it blocked out. Unfortunately, we won't .

Eclipse to be turned into mega-movies - 19 February, 2017

More than 12 million people - from Oregon to South Carolina - live on the path of darkness that the Moon will cut as it sweeps in front of the .

Total solar eclipse on Aug. 21 is a sight not seen in this region since 1979 - 19 February, 2017

The ancient Chinese believed a dragon was swallowing the sun. Vikings blamed sky wolves. And a native tribe in western Canada saw the mouth of heaven opening to consume the flaming ball. Nowadays, .

'Great American Total Solar Eclipse' Is Just 6 Months Away; Here's Where, When and How To Watch - 17 February, 2017

In just six months, Americans will have the opportunity to experience the first total eclipse of the sun in nearly four decades. On Aug. 21, the "Great American .

Full solar eclipse gets suburbanites booking summer trips downstate -

On Aug. 21, parts of the country will be able to see a 100 percent solar eclipse -- where the moon moves directly in front of the midday sun, .

Eclipse 2017: NASA supports a unique opportunity for science in the shadow - 03 February, 2017

The first total solar eclipse in the continental United States in nearly 40 years takes place on Aug. 21, 2017. Beyond providing a brilliant sight in the daytime sky, .

Where to Watch the 2017 Great American Eclipse in Oregon - 31 January, 2017

We are t-minus 201 days to 10:15 am August 21st 2017, aka the day of the Great American Eclipse. Some hotels in the state have been booked for almost three .

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