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Recent News about the 2017 Total Eclipse!

When is the solar eclipse: 2017 Date, time, will you be able to see it? - 29 March, 2017

The total solar eclipse will take place on August 21 this year. On this day the moon will completely cover the sun, blocking out the sunlight and causing darkness .

Total Solar Eclipse In North America: Make Plans Now - 27 March, 2017

If you haven’t marked your calendars yet, do it now: A complete solar eclipse takes place in North America on August 21. And people are booking prime viewing spots .

'The Great American Total Solar Eclipse' Coming This Summer - 22 March, 2017

Americans will have a treat this coming summer, for the first total solar eclipse, in nearly 40 years, will pass through the continental United States, from .

Solar eclipse this summer means kids will go back to school a little earlier - 22 March, 2017

Beaufort County students will begin next school year four days earlier than originally planned, following Tuesday night’s school board vote to take advantage of an exemption to state law .

Total solar eclipse just five months away - 21 February, 2017

T-minus five months: The biggest and best solar eclipse in American history arrives five months from today. .

17 places to watch the 2017 solar eclipse around Oregon - 22 March, 2017

Let me start by saying that “17 places” to watch this year’s total solar eclipse in Oregon is a little misleading. .

Complete guide to the 2017 solar eclipse - 27 March, 2017

On Aug. 21, there will be a total solar eclipse visible across the entire continental United States in a very narrow swath. The rest of the country will see .

Ride into the Sun: The science and cultural history of eclipses - 22 March, 2017

Scientists and people living in North America are abuzz over the total solar eclipse that’s expected to take place on August 21 this year. It’s the first total sun eclipse .

Everything you need to know about the great American eclipse of 2017 - 22 March, 2017

Americans from coast to coast will have the opportunity to see one of the most spectacular celestial sights on the face of the Earth this summer when a total solar .

Why scientists are so excited about this solar eclipse - 21 March, 2017

Darkness settles in. The soft colors of morning quickly dampen and shadows sharpen. As you look up, the sun transforms into a black hole, winter constellations appear, .

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