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Community Leaders!

Here is some information to help you out!

First, be sure to check out Dr. Kate Russo's great guide to eclipse community planning!

Next, if you need more eclipse publicity:
Lindsay Adams, a high school teacher and film documentarian working on her 2016 eclipse project, has created an eclipse commercial from her footage of the 2016 eclipse. She would like to work with towns and events along the path to make this advertisement meet their needs. This ad is perfect for communities and events in the path of totality that don’t have a big budget! Contact Lindsay to see if this could work for YOUR community!

Don't you love this sign? We found it in Perryville MO, where a local company, Main Street Signs, has made them for that town's eclipse day plans. Click on the picture to visit their page and let them know that you'd like to get some signs for YOUR community!

(And no, we aren't getting any money from them - and this isn't a paid ad. It's all about getting you the information you need in order to be GREAT hosts on eclipse day!)

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